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Scholar in Residence Weekend January 25 & 26

Please join us at Temple Beth Sholom for two wonderful programs coming up The Weekend of January 25th and 26th.


The account of Moses in the Bible helped shape American history and values, helped define the American dream, and helped create America.Americans saw themselves as the “newly chosen” (or, in Lincoln’s famous phrase, “almost chosen”) people and attempted to shape the country accordingly. Americans also shaped MOSES—whom they took for a model and a teacher—a prophet fashioned and constantly refashioned in our own likenesses. This will cover the role Moses had in leading the American people from oppression to freedom, creating a new promised land in the wilderness, and building a society that nurtures all of its people under a G-d.

Sunday January 26, 2020- 9:30am (Morning LECTURE BY MICHAEL UNGAR ON “JEWS AND SPORTS” along with a little nosh.)

To many, particularly Jews themselves, the Jewish involvement in sports is considered a novelty, rare and insignificant. In fact, Jews have played a significant role in sports during the past 100 years, both in participation and in sports development. Explore the achievements of legendary Jewish athletes, coaches, broadcasters, trainers, and team owners with interesting facts about their personal lives, careers and contributions to the Jewish people.

The presentation by Michael Ungar will cover the religious, sociological and traditional elements that have played an important role in the Jewish people’s involvement in sports.In order for us to prepare food for the “Sunday lecture” please RSVP by clicking  or by visitinghttps://forms.gle/XYQwqURnzoFZvKjh8 and filling out the form.

More information can be found on the flyer including Michael Ungar’s Bio Here



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