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TBS-EV Times

Dear TBS-EV Friends and Family,

Welcome Back the TBS-EV-Times. And a huge thank you to all those that put many hours into the publication of this newsletter.

We will do our best to make this a quarterly self-published newsletter. Because the cost is now incurred by TBS-EV, we will be printing only a handful of them for those that do not have an e-mail address. It is our hope that our members and prospective members will read the newsletter electronically.

When we meet again and you are at services and wish to take a look at the printed version, please handle it gently and return it to the lobby as you leave the sanctuary, so that others may enjoy it.

Please keep in mind that the newsletter is edited, printed and assembled by volunteers. So if you have comments, please make them in the kindest and most constructive fashion. At the bottom of the website feel free to send us a note and tell us what you think.

If you wish to submit something for our next Issue which will publish in January please also use the contact form on TBS-EV Times page (Below the Times) or contact us at tbsev-times@tbsev.org.

To access the TBS-EV Times:
* Under the “Community” tab on the website see TBS-EV TIMES Online link.
* Click on the Direct link https://tbsev.org/community/tbsev-times-online/

Please also take a look at the contests that we have going on this this issue. The 2 contests will be a coloring contest.  Please see contest rules and how to submit/upload your project to us here.