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Men’s Club


The Temple Beth Sholom (TBS-EV) Men’s Club is a member of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, Western Region. The club provides a forum for men committed to improving the quality of Jewish life at Temple Beth Sholom and in the Jewish community. The clubs overall goals are to enhance the practice of Conservative Judaism in East Valley and the surrounding cities, provide manpower and funding in support of other Temple Beth Sholom organizations, and provide a program of activities that address current issues of concern to the members; e.g., health and fitness, cultural pursuits, photography, computer technology etc. The Men’s club honors B’nai Mitzvah with a special and lasting gift, and sponsors the Yom Hashoah Candle Project. Social events sponsored by the Men’s Club have included boating, fishing, bowling, and poker nights. The Men’s Club has also supported TBSEV financially and with “sweat equity” in the renovation of the library, kitchen, water-fountain, and Judaica shop.

We are affiliated with:

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In support of these goals, the club activities and events:

  1. Strengthen the involvement of the clubs members in the life of the Congregation.
  2. Integrate and advance the institutions of the Congregation.
  3. Promote a more thorough knowledge and appreciation of Jewish life.
  4. Stimulate social and cultural activities among the members and in the community at large.
  5. Train knowledgeable leaders for the Congregation and Jewish Community.

Current FJMC Webinars / Offerings (Nationwide).

Board of Directors

Joe Wechsler  – President

Geoff Tatelbaum – Vice President

Jaime Chait – Treasurer

Jason Hecht   – Publicity / Secretary / Webpage manager

Open – Recording Secretary

If you are interested in joining the Men’s club please use this PDF Fill-in Form

ANNUAL Dues of $36.00 (good from July 1st to June 30th )

You can also pay your Men’s Club dues online by debit / credit card:

If you want to hold your phone or mobile device up to the computer screen you can make a your membership payment this way. It’s simple. Just put your mobile device in camera mode and align it on the square below:

Apple Pay can be used with the QR code.

If you would like to pay your men’s club membership dues by check. Have your check made payable to TBSEV-Men’s Club, mail to: 3400 North Dobson Road, Chandler AZ 85224 (be sure to put TBSEV-Men’s Club 2020 – 2021 dues in the memo line of your check)


The Men’s Club at TBSEV accepts donations online via Square.