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3400 North Dobson Road, Chandler, AZ 85224
Phone: (480) 897-3636 | Email: info@tbsev.org


HAZAK is an organization for mature adults which used to be sponsored by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. The name HAZAK (strong) is an acronym – which stands for Hokhmah (wisdom), Ziknah  (maturity), and Kadima (looking ahead).

We are looking to restart our local HAZAK committee which would hopefully meet monthly and sponsor programs for TBS-EV that would strengthen our community, our community ties, bring wisdom to our community, encourage financial stability within our community by sponsoring financial planning and life care planning events.

These are only ideas of course, and the vision of this committee would be its own. Perhaps Hazak would choose to sponsor an adopt a grandparent/grandchild program, sponsor member recognition, or perhaps host a big mitzvah party for all the kids who we’re unable to have a big party due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps HAZAK could seek out sponsorship from USCJ or other philanthropic groups to help with these expenses or sponsor a capital fundraising campaign to pay down the mortgage for our physical campus.

Again, these are just ideas, but as you can see there is great room to form a committee to accomplish great things in and for our community.

If you are interested taking a lead role in this effort, please email me today at president@tbsev.org.


Thank you,

Dennis Aust