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Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is charged with putting together a long-term strategic plan for TBS-EV. The long-term strategic plan is intended to be a road map for TBS-EV to follow for the next 5 years on important matters such as membership growth, financial planning, religious school development and leadership cultivation.




Committee Email Address: strategic_planning@tbsev.org

Committee Members:

Vacant (Chairperson)

Cynthia Benjamin (member at large)

Frank Rosenberg (member at large)

Peter Weisman (member at large)

Helen Jaffa (Consulting Member as Membership Chair)

Tal Yardeni (Consulting Member as Executive VP and Liaison to the Board)

Michele Millman (Staff Liaison as Office Manager)

Rabbi Aberson (Staff Liaison as Rabbi)

Dennis Aust (Ex-officio member as President)


  1. Finance/Budget –Will build a 5 year budget and a 10 year budget (includes long term periodic expenses such as A/C replacements, Roof resealing (1 building every 5 years so all buildings get redone every 20 years?, this can total $60k for all 4 buildings), repainting of the campus which can be $25-$30k periodically, how often? Touch ups in between?, Torah replacements, new carpeting, etc. etc.).

    -Will build a plan to pay off the mortgage, hopefully an accelerated plan with the help of…

    -Will build a legacy plan where the endowment is grown and eventually covers the budget without membership dues or fundraising (this may be further out than 10 years).

    -Will recommend a dues model that will address these items

  2. Development-Will build a Fundraising plan with components for various recurring fundraising activities (kol nidre, annual capital campaign, Mishloach Minot, Purim Carnival, Hanukkah Party, Wine Tastings and other social events, annual? gala, etc.)

    -Will build a Grant funding plan. What projects are needed and what help is available?

  3. Membership/Engagement –Will lay the groundwork for how the synagogue operates in terms of engagement activities.

    -Will recommend a dues model that will grow membership

  4.  Leadership-Will develop a plan (or document our current one) to encourage leadership development

    -Will build a plan for legacy and continuity (this might be the same as the leadership development plan.


*Consulting members (including the president) and staff liaisons should be invited to all committee meetings and should attend as often as is practical when weighed with their other duties, but are not required to attend, and do not count toward making a quorum. Staff members and the President are not entitled to a committee vote; when present they are there to consult with and provide guidance. Additionally, staff members may enact veto power where appropriate and in accordance with the duties of their contract. Matters of importance or financial impact greater than $500 must be deferred to the Board of Directors for approval. Matters of financial impact of less than $500 may be handled at the discretion of the Office Manager if already included as part of the annually approved budget.