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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for membership growth and retention, non-ritual events (e.g. Open House), advertising and marketing. This includes increasing the membership of the congregation and seeing that new members are hospitably received.

The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining subcommittees for Membership, Social, Chavurah, Community Service, Social Action and Israel Action or incorporating those responsibilities into the overall Membership Committee.  These subcommittees may have some, all, or none of the same committee members as the Membership Committee, with the exception being the Membership VP who is a consulting member on all subcommittees under this area of responsibility.




Committee Email Address: membership@tbsev.org

Committee Members:

Helen Jaffa (Chairperson as Membership VP)

Cynthia Benjamin (member at large)

Barbara Gold (member at large)

Regina Larue (member at large)

Alan Sapakie (member at large)

Matt Hazimeh (Consulting Member as Social Chair)

Lisa Rosenfeld (Consulting Member as Ways and Means Chair and Office Volunteer)

Michele Millman (Staff Liaison as Office Manager)

Rabbi Aberson (Staff Liaison as Rabbi)

Dennis Aust (Ex-officio member as President)


*Consulting members (including the president) and staff liaisons should be invited to all committee meetings and should attend as often as is practical when weighed with their other duties, but are not required to attend, and do not count toward making a quorum. Staff members and the President are not entitled to a committee vote; when present they are there to consult with and provide guidance. Additionally, staff members may enact veto power where appropriate and in accordance with the duties of their contract. Matters of importance or financial impact greater than $500 must be deferred to the Board of Directors for approval. Matters of financial impact of less than $500 may be handled at the discretion of the Office Manager if already included as part of the annually approved budget.